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What is Tiny Paws Fresno all about?

Tiny Paws Fresno is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
TAX ID 83-0548618
Our mission is to improve physical health & wellness for all small dogs.
We are certified in Canine Communications and Pet Psychology.
We bring small dogs together to experience positive & beneficial socialization skills.
We socialize happy, active and energetic dogs.
We assist small dogs with insecurities, bad behaviors, and shyness.

At our Small Dog Socials, we allow them to make dog pack friends, bark & play while improving & building positive mental skills, physical stamina, and improve circulation.

Our Canine Communicators can detect problematic behaviors and advise the owner on how to correct the problem at home with patience, consistency and love.
We emphasize the benefits of Health & Wellness by offering education and Resources. We promote the value of owning a dog; creating fun and experiences with dogs, and help current owners become better owners.

Our Small Dog Social meets every Saturday year round at different locations.
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What else does Tiny Paws Fresno do?

* We hold our Small Dog Socials at Senior Living Communities,  and bring smiles their faces.

* We have an annual Small Dog Coat Drive program. Through our generious donations throughout the year, we collect small dogs coats, and clothes and give these items to low income families and homeless who own dogs.

* We offer vet bill financial assistance to low income fur parents, based on life or death circumstances.

* We offer vet prescription food financial assistance for low income fur parents.

What is our Future Goal?
In the near future, we would like to open a Resource Center with Indoor/Outdoor small dog play areas. We would also offer other programs so that we may be able to further educate our community with classes and dog training.

Small Dog Coat Drive

Help us make bigger strides
to help our community. 
Through donations, we supply small dogs coats, clothes, blankets, dog beds and other dog supplies to low income families.

Small Dog Social 

We bring small dogs together to experience positive and beneficial socialization skills, fun, and exercise.

In the Works/Our Goals

Titan Vet Bill Assistance Fund

Diamond Presription Food Aid Fund

The Titan Vet Bill Assistance Fund was formed to stop dogs from being unnecessarily euthanized, because the owner cannot afford to pay for lifesaving treatments or surgery in order to save their dogs' life.

Our goal is to raise funds to build the Titan Vet Bill Assistance Fund to offer financial assistance to help pay a portion of the cost of lifesaving treatments and/or surgery.

The Diamond Prescription Food Aid Fund was formed to assist dog owners who cannot afford to pay the high cost of prescription dog food for their dog that require special dietary needs in order to stay healthy.

Our goal is to raise funds to build the Diamond Prescription Food Aid Fund to offer financial assistance to help pay a portion of the cost of prescription dog food.

Indoor/Outdoor Small Dog Park
and Resource Center

We are working on opening an Indoor/Outdoor off leash small dog park and Resource Center building facility where small dogs can play and enjoy the day, and their fur parents can get helpful information and resources about Health and Wellness topics for their fur kid.

Our goal is to raise funds to build an Indoor, climate controlled, play facility to keep our small fur kids cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months, in addition to building a fun outdoor play area.

Informational resources will be available to assist the small dog owners about  dog Health & Nutrition, Dog Training & Dog Communication, Funding Programs, Foster Care programs, and much more.

Help us make bigger strides
to help our community. 

We are donation driven only.

Our Portfolio
Since 2013 and still going strong!

The Howling Chihuahua (THC)
Dog Park #2: Tiny Paws - Saint Patrick's Day Potluck
Produced & Edited by Dan Khaul

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