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Solving Problems in Our Small Dog Community​​

There are many problematic situations happening in our small dog community. Every day, thousands of small dogs in the Central Valley California suffer from different circumstances whether it is mental anguish or health issues.

What is the cause for mental anguish and health issues?
Some Dog Parks are not suitable for small dogs
1. Small dogs can get injured quickly by a group of large dogs playing.
2. Small dogs can look like prey.
3. In the event that there is a bite or fight incident, a large dog can do significant damage to a small dog. 

Some neighborhoods are not suitable for on-leash dog walking
Many people fear that there may be an aggressive dog roaming around off-leash in their neighborhood.

These are few of many reasons why small dogs are more likely to be stay-at-home or Indoor dogs. Stay-at-home/Indoor dogs have a higher percentage of developing obesity and diabetes because lack of exercise. Some dogs develop aggression, snapping, ,anxiety, shyness, depression, lack of trust, lack of interest, lack of adventure, and sometimes lack of appetite.

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How can we address and fix these issues?  

Our goal is to raise funds to open an Indoor/Outdoor off leash small dog park for small dogs that need more exercise, need to make friends, and need that extra canine pack support for small dogs that have experienced mental anguish from a bad experience. 

Outdoor and Indoor play areas within the Resource Center will accommodate small dogs according to their size and capabilities. The small dogs will experience positive and beneficial socialization skills, fun, and exercise. Develop friendships and create dog pack bonds that will develop and boost their confidence, develop trust, and create positive learning skills.
Our goal is to promote the benefits of canine Health & Wellness by offering education and helpful services to the community. To promote the value of owning a dog, creating educational experiences with dogs, and helping current owners become better owners. The Resource Center will offer canine training, canine health and nutrition classes to the community to prevent further obesity, diabetes, heart problems and other severe health issues.
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