A great place to socalize and have some small doggie fun!!
Our mission is to stop small dogs from experiencing mental anguish and physical harm by bringing them together to experience positive and beneficial socialization skills, fun, and exercise which may assist with mental rehabilitation. Small dogs will develop friendships and create dog pack bonds that will develop and boost their confidence, develop trust, and create positive learning skills.

There are many reasons why small dogs are more likely to be stay-at-home or Indoor dogs. Stay-at-home/Indoor dogs have a higher percentage of developing obesity and diabetes because lack of exercise. Some dogs develop aggression, snapping, anxiety, shyness, depression, lack of trust, lack of interest, lack of adventure, and sometimes lack of appetite.

What is the cause for mental anguish, physical harm, and health issues?

Off leash Coed Dog Parks: 

1. Small dogs can potentially get injured quickly by a large dog that plays too rough.
2. Small dogs can look like prey to some large dogs.
3. In the event that there is a bite or fight incident, a large dog can do significant damage to a small dog. 

Off leash Dogs Roaming the Neighborhoods: 
1. Off leash dogs roaming around in neighborhoods can be unpredictable because we do not know if they have been properly           trained or if they are farrell. 
2. Small dogs can look like prey to some large dogs.
3. In the event that there is a bite or fight incident, a large dog can do significant damage to a small dog and their owner. 

Be cautious while walking your dog in your neighborhood.

Fur Parent Concerns:
My dog has never been around other dogs.
My dog is nervous around other dogs.
My dog has never had a bad experience.
My small dog doesn't have any issues or have any bad experiences.
Can I bring my small dog to socialize and have fun?

Socializing, fun and exercise is very benficial!

The Small Dog Play Group Makes a Difference!

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Small breed dogs must be under 35 pounds to attend the park meetings.

We have a variety of small dog breeds that have such wonderful personalities. We enjoy seeing all of the little ones interact positively with each other and how it brings a smile to their Fur Kid Parents faces.

To keep our meetings fun and exciting, every Saturday, the Organizers bring refreshments for our Fur Kid Parents, and squeaky dog toys for our little ones to play with.

We have monthly potlucks and other events throughout the year. At the end of the year, we march in the Downtown Fresno Christmas Parade. The Organizers and Fur Kid Parents bring their Fur kids to show off their cuteness and personalities to the Christmas parade audience. The Fur kids bring smiles to many children's faces.

Come join the fun, and your little ones will thank you!


Meeting Day:
We meet every Saturday at the Roeding Park - Dog Park

Free to join the group.
Park Admission: $5 per vehicle daily.

Kids are Welcome:
Children are welcome to attend, and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout the entire event.


MEETING TIMES: (may vary)

Spring Hours: (March - May) 12pm - 2pm

Summer Hours: (June - August) 10am - 12pm
Depending on the summer heat, some meetings may be cancelled. 

Autumn Hours: (Sept - November) 12pm - 2pm
If the weather is still hot in the early stages of Autumn, such as September or October, the meetings may continue to be 10am - 12pm. Please check each Saturday meeting announcement for any possible changes.

Winter: NO MEETINGS AT THE PARK (December - February)


*Spring: Meetings will be cancelled if Rain occurs or Extreme cold (55 degrees or below). occurs AT THE TIME OF THE MEETING.

*Summer: Meetings will be cancelled if Extreme Heat (above 85 degrees) occurs AT THE TIME OF THE MEETING. To prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion in both our Fur Parents and Fur Kids.

*Autumn: Meetings will be cancelled if Extreme cold (55 degrees or below) occurs AT THE TIME OF THE MEETING.


*  Potlucks every month March thru November

* October Small Doggie Coat Drive: October, when the weather starts getting colder, we hold the "Doggie Coat Drive" for our Tiny Paws Fresno members. Our Members can pick and choose a coat that is suitable for their little one to keep them warm in the winter.

* November Take a Holiday photo with the Tiny Paws Fresno Mascot: Three Saturdays in November (will be announced), Fur Kid Parents can take a photo with our Tiny Paws Fresno Dog Mascot.

* December Downtown Fresno Christmas Parade: If you would like to walk in the parade with the Tiny Paws Fresno Organizers! It's FREE to Tiny Paws Fresno members! Members who will be marching in the parade are to meet the Organizers at the specified location.


Small breed Dogs must be
under 35 pounds to join the group.

Tiny Paws Fresno goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for small dogs.

Spay and Neuter:

Dogs that are not spayed or neutered has a tendency to be aggressive towards other dogs to show their dominance. This creates dog fights and potential serious safety issues. It is highly recommended that your dog(s) are spayed and neutered before joining the group.

Dog Aggression Severe:
Aggressive behavior is
not allowed. Dogs that bully, bites, excessive pouncing, or tries to cause harm to other dogs is considered a Severe Aggressive dog. Owners are responsible for controlling and correcting this behavior immediately. If owners do not take corrective actions, Tiny Paws Organizers will ask the owner to leave the meeting immediately. Tiny Paws Fresno is not liable for any accidents or injuries. Dogs with a reoccurring aggressive behavior will be BANNED from the Tiny Paws Fresno play group. We recommend behavioral training to assist your dog to play and adjust positively to other dogs before attending any of our meetings.

Nervous Dog Aggression: Sometimes a new dog will snap at other dogs because they are nervous with fear and are establishing boundaries. In most cases, the new dog stops snapping at the other dogs within a few minutes when they feel settled into the new environment with the other dogs. If the dog seems to take a little longer to settle in and the snapping continues, soft and gentle Safety muzzles are great to use.

Safety Muzzles: Tiny Paws supplies Safety muzzles that you may use at the time of the meeting. Safety muzzles are NOT to leave the meeting area. Please ask one of our Organizers to borrow a Safety muzzle.


Dog Vaccinations: For the safely of our dogs, it is required that your dog, must be current on ALL of their general series of vaccinations according to your veterinarian recommendations.*Note: Parks are potentially high risk for germ and parasites due to dogs not being vaccinated. This is why it's important to keep your dog protected and healthy.

Dog Illnesses: If your dog has cold symptoms, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, or frothing of the mouth, please do not bring your dog to the meeting. Please seek a veterinarian before attending a meeting to assure your dog is in good health.

Ticks & Fleas: All dog parks have a chance of having ticks and/or fleas because they live in grassy areas. To help reduce the spread of Fleas and Ticks to other dogs, It is required that your dog is given tick and flea control medication before attending the meeting to prevent the spread of fleas, ticks, and potential Lyme disease brought on from ticks.

Dog Poo Clean Up: It is required that we keep the dog park grounds clean of dog poo to prevent spreading a parasite called Giardia. Giardia is an intestinal parasite that is found in stool that is highly contagious to dogs and humans. Please pick up your dog’s poo immediately.
Tiny Paws supplies Poo Bags that you may use, so please be courteous of others. (No one likes to step in dog poo).

Help Us Raise Funds to Keep Our Meetings
Fun & Exciting!