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The Story 
Cinnamon adopted a small dog who she named Titan. When she brought him home, she had quickly realized that he was very sick. She took him to the Veterinary Emergency and found that he had pneumonia. The Veterinarian did not know if he would live. In order to save his life, the vet bill was $3000.oo. It was then that she had to make a decision, and took a gamble on his life. At that time, she didn't have that much money, and was fortunate to borrow the money from her mother. 
She made a promise to Titan that if he lived, she would give him the best life and have lots of small dog friends to play with. 

After his long battle fighting for his life, he began to grow healthy and strong and Cinnamon fulfilled her promise to him and started Tiny Paws small dog play group on April 14, 2013. He was very happy playing with a small handful of small dog friends, but the unthinkable happened.......the small dog play group GREW! 
Five years later with over 550 members, it was at that moment that Cinnamon wanted to make a huge impact and take Tiny Paws to the next level. 
What was once a small dog play group, is now Tiny Paws Fresno, a nonprofit corporation 501(c)(3) helping the  community.
Our mission is to stop small dogs from experiencing mental anguish and improve physical health by bringing together small dogs to experience positive and beneficial socialization skills, fun, and exercise which may assist with mental rehabilitation. We emphasize the benefits of Health & Wellness by offering education and helpful services to the community. 

To further assist our community, our goal is to assist dog owners through our programs such as: The Small Dog Play Group, Small Dog Coat Drive, Providing helpful Resources about canine Health & Wellness, offer the Titan Vet Bill Assistance Fund that saves dogs from being euthanized, and Diamond Prescription Food Aid Fund.

In the near future, we would like to open a Resource Center with a Indoor/Outdoor small dog play areas. so that we may be able to further educate our community with classes and dog training.

 Dog Board

Tiny Paws Fresno wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the participation of the small dogs.
They all have their special personalities, and dedicated themselves to their dog duties to help the community.



Vice President




Outreach Manager
HR Coordinator
Operations Manager

Dog Team Volunteers




Quality Control &​ Security
Background Checker
Quality Analyst

Mama Kay

Fur Kid

Baby Kay

Supervisor II

Fur Parents Board

Cinnamon G

Deuna C

Jennifer V

Certified in: 
Canine Communications
Insurance Advisor
Executive Advisor
​Tax Consultant

Team Member Volunteers

Tiny Paws Fresno team members are some of the most determined, motivated, and driven individuals in the Central Valley. Our team member volunteers are unique because their passion is to make the community a better place. The Tiny Paws Fresno team members are made up of dedicated individuals who want to make a difference in the small dog community.
To be a team member volunteer, you must have a great attitude, love small dogs, own a small dog and attend the small dog social play meetings.
To be a member of the small dog social meetup group Click here .

Mary T

Asia W

Elsa H

Event Advisor
Vet Tech
Dog First Aid Instructor
Dog Sitter
Spokes Person

Monica B

Dan Khaul

Jim S 

Media Distributer
Event Set-up Operator
Event Entertainer

Donna C

Jimmy Jr 


Event Set-up Operator
Dog Whisperer
Long Time Supporter
Our Mascot Entertainer



Community Advisors

Edna C

Leon V

Dwayne F

CEO of
Pride Panthers Coalition Inc.
CEO of
Reading Heart